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State Bank of India Officers / Workmen or Award Staff Employee - Basic Pension, Commutation Amount & Family Pension

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1. Calculate Basic Pension, Commutation Amount payable on Retirement, VRS (Voluntary Retirement)

Date of Joining
Date of Retirement / VRS
Service in days
Service in Months
Age in years
For VRS enter age in completed yrs, e.g. if DOB 15.01.70 and Date of VRS is 25.01.19, enter age 49 as completed year of age is 49 yrs
Average of Substantive Pay of Last 12 Months
(Basic Pay + Spl. Pay of workmen employees)
Increment Component of FPA
Basic Pension as per formula
Basic Pension
Commutation of 1/3 of Basic Pay
Basic Pension After 1/3 Commutation
Commutation Amount
Your Commutation Factor

Please Note that :-

  1. Total monthly pension after commutation payable to Pensioners will be :-
    (Basic Pension - Commutation amount) + (DA payable on amount of Basic Pension before commutation)
    To calculate DA on Basic Pension Click Here
  2. Commuted portion of pension will be recovered from monthly pension for a period of 15 years from the date of commutation.
  3. Commuted portion of pension will be restored after the expiry of a period of 15 years from the date of commutation.
  4. No Medical examination is required if the pensioner opts for commutation within one year of his retirement.

Family Pension is payable to Spouse and dependent children of deceased pensioners & employees who died during service after one year of pensionable service are eligible for family pension.

2. Calculate Family Pension

This calculator displays Basic Family Pension and Family Pension payable with last revised DA w.e.f. Feb'22 to Deceased Pensioners / Employees who died during service after one e year of Pensionable Service in respect of State Bank Employees other part-time employees

Family Pension Calculator
Calculated in terms of Govt announcement dated 25.08.21
(i.e without any fixed cap)
1Select Date of Retirement
2Select for enhanced family pension eligibility - Deceased Employee Would Have Attained Age 65 Years Or completed 7 years of Death (Select Yes/No)
3Enter Substantive Pay
(Drawn by Deceased Employee)
4Family Pension Payable Monthly
(Basic Pension + DA)

The visitors are requested to inform for correction in case of any error in calculation observed or there is any change in methedology of calculation as per bank rules/norms of basic pension and family pension.

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