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English Confusing Words Meaning : Online Exercise-1
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Fill in the box provided at column 2 with appropriate word from - sensor, number, karat, heir, err, censure, censor, carrot, caret, carat, between, amount, among, amicable, amiable, altogether, alter, altar, all together, air

what we breathe
make a mistake
one who inherits something
refers to a group; all of us or all of them together
pedestal, usually religious
to modify
friendly (refers to things, not people)
friendly (refers to people)
involves three or more
involves just two
used for things not countable
used for things that can be counted
unit of weight in gem stones
a proof reading mark to show insertion
edible root
a unit for measuring the fineness of gold
disallow; person who disallows
to disapprove of; criticize strongly
a device that measures heat, light, etc.

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