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English Word-Meaning Exercise-1
(Similar Pronunciation/Confusing Words)

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Note Please:- exercise is case sensitive

Fill in the box with appropriate word from - sensor, number, karat, heir, err, censure, censor, carrot, caret, carat, between, amount, among, amicable, amiable, altogether, alter, altar, all together, air

    1. what we breathe
    2. make a mistake
    3. one who inherits something
    4. refers to a group; all of us or all of them together
    5. entirely
    6. pedestal, usually religious
    7. to modify
    8. friendly (refers to things, not people)
    9. friendly (refers to people)
    10. involves three or more
    11. involves just two
    12. used for things not countable
    13. used for things that can be counted
    14. unit of weight in gem stones
    15. a proof reading mark to show insertion
    16. edible root
    17. a unit for measuring the fineness of gold
    18. disallow; person who disallows
    19. to disapprove of; criticize strongly
    20. a device that measures heat, light, etc.

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