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English Word-Close Meaning Exercise-21
(Similar Pronunciation/Confusing Words)

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Note Please:- answer is case sensitivee

Fill in the box provided at column 2 with appropriate word from - wrapped, wrap, won, sucker, succor, reel, red, real, read, rapt, rapped, rap (noun, verb), ore, or, one, oar, nun, none, navel, naval

pertaining to ships
belly button, umbilicus
not one, not any
female member of a religious order
a blade for rowing
metal-bearing mineral or rock
single unit
past tense of win
a type of music; to strike sharply
to enclose in a covering
struck sharply fascinated
enclosed in a covering
present and past tenses of to comprehend writing
a color
actual, authentic
stumble, falter
relief, assistance

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Correct Answers:

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