Grandfathering Pr.1-3 Cr By Age 50

English Word-Close Meaning Exercise-31
(Similar Pronunciation/Confusing Words)

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Note Please:- answer is case sensitivee

Fill in the box provided at column 2 with appropriate word from - worn, where, weigh, week, wear, weak, way, warranty, warrantee, warn, semiannual, bored, board, birth, biennial, biannual, bettor, better, berth, belle, bell

chime or alarm
beautiful or charming woman
a boat dock
being born
of higher quality
someone who places bets
twice a year
every two years
twice a year
to notify
carried on the body; deteriorated
person who is given a written guarantee
written guarantee
to measure mass
lacking strength
seven days starting with Sunday
to carry on the body
in what place?
piece of wood

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