Grandfathering Price

English Word-Close Meaning Exercise-34
(Similar Pronunciation/Confusing Words)

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Note Please:- answer is case sensitivee

Fill in the box provided at column 2 with appropriate word from - whale, weight, waver, waste, waiver, wait, waist, wail, seen, scene, savor, saver, corpse, corps, core, byte, build, blue, blew, bite, billed

one who saves
to appreciate a taste
a view, a setting
to have viewed with eyes
mournful cry
marine mammal
narrowest part of the human torso (usually)
to squander or spend uselessly
to be available or ready
quantity of heaviness or mass
a relinquishment of some right
to feel indecisive; vary
to use one?s teeth to tear food
computer term for eight bits of information
charged a fee
past tense of blow
the color
center or crucial part
trained group
dead body

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