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English Word-Close Meaning Exercise-36
(Similar Pronunciation/Confusing Words)

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Note Please:- answer is case sensitivee

Fill in the box provided at column 2 with appropriate word from - weighed, wade, vise, vile, vice, vial, versus, verses, tier, tee, tear (verb), tear (noun), tea, taut, taught, mane, main, high, hi, heroine, heroin

rip, pull apart
salt water coming from eyes when sad
row or layer
past tense of teach
tightly stretched
a beverage
a peg from which a golf ball is hit
lines of poetry
as compared to another choice; against
small container for holding liquids
repulsive, depraved
bad habit; immoral practice
device used to hold an object firmly
to walk through water
to have put on a scale
a narcotic derived from morphine
female admired for courage or ability
a greeting, informal for hello
primary, chief, leading
long hair on the back of a horse or lion

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