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English Word-Close Meaning Exercise-39
(Similar Pronunciation/Confusing Words)

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Note Please:- answer is case sensitivee

Fill in the box provided at column 2 with appropriate word from - they're, there, then, their, than, tents, tense, teem, team, suer, sow, so, sit, sewer, sew, set, chorale, choral, chilly, chili, Chile

a country in South America
a type of pepper; a dish with peppers in it
cold, brisk
having to do with a chorus or a choir
a hymn; a group of singers specializing in church music
one sets a thing
one sits oneself
to stitch
in the manner indicated
to scatter or plant seed
a conduit for carrying off waste
one who sues
group playing on the same side in a game
nervous strain
portable shelters used for camping
used for comparison
indicates time, answers when
possessive pronoun
contraction for they are

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