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Why to install Maxutils Extension?

Google Chrome is among the most popular web browsers with great extension options. We have published extension for Chrome Browser in Chrome Web Store for the convenience of PC/Laptop users for instant access of website ( contents and to use calculators provided at website, without typing site address in browser. It is compiled with most commonly visited site contents and calculators to use in just one click.

How to get installed Extension in your Chrome Browser?

(1) Go to the Chrome Web Store page for Maxutils Extension.
(2) Click on "Add to Chrome" button and confirm to add.

Click here to Go to Chrome Web Store page for Maxutils Extension and Click on "Add to Chrome" button and confirm to add. Maxutils icon will appear on right side of address bar of Chrome Browser. It will be immdiatelyy added to your Chrome browser. Enjoy using Maxutils Extension.
Where to view features of Extension?

Site Visitors can view Demo of Chrome Browser Extension with full working features hereunder.

→ Click Here to hide below demo of extension with full working features

Working Demo of Maxutils Extension

Maxutils Chrome Extension Features

  1. When users click - Use Deposit Calculators (FD/TD/RD/Crorepati) - We recommend users to click this link in demo (fully working) provided and see the features of this calculator. It helps in calculation of deposit interest (payable Quarterly, monthly or payable on maturity) and investment planning. This calculator can be easily accessed from user's browser instantly, if you have installed in your browser.
  2. Button 1 - Calcualtors :- Displays the list of calculators can be accessed in just one clik.
  3. Button 2 - Bankers :- Displays the list of commonly visited contents for bankers and calculators viz. DA payable and expeced DA calculation.
  4. Button 3 - Pensioners :- Displays the list of commonly visited contents / calculators by pensioners or going to retired shortly to calculate thier terminal dues and DA payable and expeced DA on next DA revision.
  5. Button 4 - Download Fillable Forms (Default button selected) :- The pages to download RTGS / NEFT / Paying slip fillable forms of most commonly used are can be visited directly from here. The user when click view more can visit form index page for other bank forms, PPF, NPS, Medical insurance bill claim forms etc.
  6. Button 5 - Hindi English :- users can access from here simple leanring and practice exercise.
  7. Button 6 - Cash Tally Checker & GST Calculation :- This utility helps individual / Shopkeepr to total currency by denominations instatnly and helps them to do GST Calculation - Including and Excluding Price. Contents Highlights