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Steps to Upload Form 10E to Claim Rebate u/s 89

If you have recieved arrears of Salary, Pension, Compensation etc and have claimed rebate u/s 89

Now it is Compulsory to upload 10E Form for Claim Relief U/s 89(1) to the Income Tax Department other wise Rebate will be rejected

Before e-filling online your applicable ITR-1,ITR-2 etc submit /upload your form 10E

Step for uploading / filling online form 10E

  1. Login to your e-filling account
  2. Click e-file menu -
  3. Select - prepare and submit online form (other than ITR)
  4. From drop down menu select form 10E
  5. Fill it with your appropriate annexure then submit your form 10E
    (only for salary arrear - annexure 1 is to be filled)

After submitting your form 10E fill your applicable ITR-1,ITR-2 etc form and submit Contents Highlights