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Income Tax Calculator under old and New Regime

(1) Calculate Tax & FY 2022-23 (AY 2023-24)

(2) Click to Calculate Tax FY 2023-24 (AY 2024-25) as Proposed In Budget dt. 01.02.23

Calculates online Income Tax after the benefit of standard deduction of Rs. 50000/- and eligible deductions (under old Regime) and without Exemptions (under New Regime) of tax rates / slabs)

Income Tax Rates / Slabs FY 19-20, FY 18-19, FY 2017-18 & FY 2016-17

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Calculate Income Tax for FY 2022-23 / Tax Impact in FY 2022-23 compare to FY 2021-22 (As per Budget dt. 01-02-22)

Calculate Income Tax for FY 2021-22

NPS - 1↦ Features / Taxability & Tax Treatment on withdrawal    2↦ Partial Withdrawal Norms

Step 1 - Select Age & Enter Details ↓ ↑

1Select Age (from Drop Down)
2Income From Salary / Pension
3Exemptions & Deductions from Salary (u/s 10)
4Income from Other Sources
5Interest Paid on Home Loan (self Occupied)
6Income from House Property  
(Of not self Occupied)
6 (a)Rent Received or Receivable or Annual Lettable Value
6 (b)Taxes paid to Local Authorities
6 (c)Annual Value of Property
6 (d)Standard Deduction 30% of 6(c)
6 (e) Interest Paid on Home Loan (rented/let out property)
(Max Rs. 2.00 Lac)
6 (f) Income / Loss (-ve) from House Property

Next - step 2 Enter Eligible Deductions / Click button "Calculate Tax"

Step 2 (Enter Eligible Deductions)↓ ↑

7Deduction u/s 80C, 80CCC (max. Rs. 1.50 Lac)
8Interest from SB u/s 80TTA
9Medical Insurance u/s 80D
Self / Spouse / D.Children
(max. Rs. 25000/-)(Max. limit Rs 50,000/-)
For Parents Below 60
(No Change Max. Rs. 25000/-)

For Parents Above 60
(Max. Rs. 50,000/-)
Less: Section 80DDB
(Max. limit Rs 1 lac)
Less: Section 80DDB
(Max Rs. 1 lac)
10Additional contribution to NPS - u/s 80CCD (max 50000)
11Serving of Intt.on Education Loan (u/s 80E)
12 Deductionn under Section 80EE
Interest on loan for acquiring residential house property, sanctioned during FY 2016-17 (Max Rs. 50000)
13Deduction under Section 80EEA
Interest on loan for acquiring residential house property, sanctioned during FY 2019-20 (Max Rs. 150000)
14Deduction under Section 80EEB
Interest Deduction in respect of purchase of electric vehicle, during FY 2019-20 to 2022-23 (Max Rs. 150000)

Next - step 3 Click button "Show Tax Calculations FY 2022-23" your Tax calculations are displayed here

Show Tax Calculation FY 2022-23↓ ↑

Old RegimeNew Regime
Gross Taxable Income
Standard Deduction
Total of Deductions
Net Taxable Income
Less: Relief u/s 87A
(For Individuals having taxable income upto Rs. 5.00 lacs)
Income Tax
Health and Education Cess
Total Tax Liability

Disclaimer : This website do not claim that tax calculation is correct. The users are requested to please do inform in case he/she has noticed any error in calculation.

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