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Letter Writing Helping Sentences

Matrimonial Editable Letter's - Lines to help you to create your letter instantly

Intocuctory Lines and Inviting an Early Response Line for Instantly Creating Your Letter with Editable Letters compiled at this section of website

Introductory Lines

  1. Apropos your advertisement in . . . I am furnishing the particulars of my daughter.
  2. In response to your ad. In the Sunday Edition of ____________ (Newspaper Name) ____________ ,I tender the relevant details of my son.
  3. I have seen your advertisement in today's ____________ (Newspaper Name) for a suitable bride and would like to send the following particulars in regard to my daughter.
  4. With reference to your matrimonial advertisement in ____________ (Newspaper Name) dated ____________, mentioned below are the particulars about my own self for your kind consideration.
  5. In response to your advertisement for a suitable bride, I am furnishing the requisite details in connection with my only daughter as under:
  6. I received your letter. . . .
  7. I have the honour of responding to your letter asking the hand of my only daughter for your son.
  8. In response to your advertisement for a suitable bride, I would like you to consider my daughter whose details are presented below.
  9. It is my pleasure to respond to your letter with the particulars of my son.
  10. The profile of your daughter has impressed our family. I wish to proceed further in this connection and am furnishing the details of my son.
  11. Received your letter for matrimony and am glad to tender the details of my son.
  12. Your letter has the favourable tidings of a prospective bride for my son. Let us proceed further on this issue.

Lines expressing - The Details/Particulars have to be Described or Attached or desired

  1. Name & address. Date of Birth, Educational Qualifications, Vocation, Hobbies, a brief description of personal attributes including height, complexion etc
  2. Family details include parents, details of their employment, brothers and sisters and their present status in Brief.
  3. Mention of caste/Rashi etc. Photograph, Horoscope

The Lines Inviting an Early Response

  1. Anticipating a prompt reply.
  2. If you find yourslef feeling interested, do respond immediately.
  3. Kindly let us know of your reply at the earliest.
  4. If required, we would be glad to furnish any further details.
  5. Brief us of your convenience to proceed accordingly in the matter.
  6. In case the details answer your purpose, we would be pleased to proceed further with urgency.
  7. As my son is likely to leave for Australia in three months time, we are interested in an early marriage.
  8. An early and positive reply would be highly welcome.
  9. We would appreciate a swift and decisive reply in this matter.
  10. We have liked the photograph of your daughter. Let us proceed on this auspicious matter with immediate effect.

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