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Calculate Your Likely Revised Basic Pay / Increase in Salary - By Your Own Inputs of Likely Wage Revisions

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IBA agreed in wage revision talks on 12.08.2013 with UFBU and conceded to merge Dearness Allowance upto 4440 Consumer Price Index i.e. 401 slabs (as per earlier UFBU informations) and new pay scales here constructed accordingly.

Please note that for calculations of revised Basic Pay & increase in salary the prerequisite inputs are Increase in wage load or net % of Increase in salary & revised DA factor that would become payable are yet not finalized .

However, by the use of following calculator you can be able to calculate likely new pay scales that would become payable on the basis of merger of Dearness Allowance upto 401 slabs (as per UFBU earlier infomrations that IBA agreed) and the likely AND percentage of increase in Basic Pay /load (You may please enter in this column, as you have heard / UFBU - IBA may agree in future).

As per previous wage revisions the increase in salary would become payable on the basis of revised conversion factor of DA. The present of DA factor as per 9th Bipartite Settlement is 0.15. To calculate revised DA payable and salary increase please enter in this column the DA factor, that you have heard / UFBU - IBA may agree.

The calculator by defaults calculates your new basic pay, DA & salary increase on the basis of that DA factor may possibly be reduced in pay revision of bank employees; we have here taken 0.10 default DA revised factor ( with a hope that IBA would not lower DA factor by 0.10 for DA calculations). You may enter in this column, as you heard for DA factor from UFBU - IBA agrees. (we shall also revise it; if any reliable news comes forward)

It is also assumed that minimum of an increase of 17% of salary that may would become payable after taking into account of DA mergers as above.

You may enter in this column the increase of percentage of salary; if anything you heard from UFBU - IBA agrees the increase of salary.

Please keep on visiting this page for the revised updated calculations that shall be updated on any further informations comes forward about revision of pay from coming UFBU and IBA meetings.

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