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My Income, Expenditure and Fixed Deposits Records in Excel

Download this Excel auto calculating utility:- It is quite useful for every individual (Working / Housewife / Retirees). Users can views 7 auto calculating Reports + Cash in Hand, Bank Balance & Credit Card dues + provided option for Customization of Heads as per the requirement of users.

Version available for free download FY-1920F

The version FY-1920F of "My Income, Expenditure and Fixed Deposits Records in Excel" is available for free download on the terms and conditions mentioned hereunder. However, paid version with addtional features with option to customization of your choice of 24 head of Expenses and 6 head of income viz. education / health care / pocket money / travel expenses incurred on your family member wise or any other specific head of your CHOICE. In paid version report no. 7 related with bank deposits is fully accessible as mentioned hereunder. The paid version FY 1920P is provided at present at a very nominal cost of Rs. 50/- (see one offer mentioned above order form and in ordder form). The order can be placed online by submitting duly filled "Order Form" as provided at the bottom of this page.

The features of Free version FY1920F - "My Income, Expenditure and Fixed Deposits Records in Excel" :-

  1. You can records expenses by entering just codes 1 to 24 as per list provided at worksheet named - "My-Expenses" or of your choices of head by availing paid version.
  2. You can view following three reports of expenses entered by clicking the buttons provided at worksheet named - "My-Expenses"
    Report 1 - Expneses Datewise with Payment Mode Used (Cash / Bank / Credit Card)
    Report 2 - Expenses Head Wise With Mode of Payment used (Cash / Bank / Credit Card)
    Report 3 - Expenses Date Wise & Head Wise as per list provided at worksheet named - "My-Expenses"
  3. You can records your income by entering codes 101 to 106 as per list provided at worksheet named - "My-Income"
  4. You can view following two reports of Income by clicking the buttons provided at worksheet named - "My-Expenses"
    Report 4 - Income Date wise & Head Wise as per list provided at worksheet named - "My-Income"
    Report 5 - Income Date Wise & Mode Wise (Cash / Bank)
  5. Worksheet named "Cash Withdrwal & Balance" displays monthwise total of expenses and income for FY -1920. By entering starting balance and all your cash witdrawal amounts from bank account can check the position of your cash in hand, bank balance and credit card dues as on date. This sheet also
  6. Manage your fixed deposits due diary and other details at worksheet named "My-Fixed Deposits" can view two following reports
    FDR - Report 6 - Displays Monthwise number of FD going to be matured & its Total Maturity Amount Payable
    FDR Report 7 - In free version it only displays three rows of monthwise maturing FDs (as demo) total amount of Maturity Value & Issued amount of fixed deposits with Bank / Branch Name. It will be Quite helpful to the Depositors who are having Deposits in more than one Bank or Branches. (To get this feature for All FD's entered here, it is recommended to order for paid version FY-1920P available with offers. Recommended to order for 5 files to avail offer i.e. pay Rs. 200/- and get files for your friends / family members )

How to get Paid version FY-1920P and know the benefits of ordering FY-1920P paid version at just Rs. 50/-

First Transferred the amount by NEFT/RTGS or deposit in the account mentioned hereunder and note down the transaction ID and your date of deposit. Then fill the order with all requisite information including your choice of 24 heads of expenses & 6 heads of Income, if you like to change. To place your order click submit button. We will send the file on the sender's email address after cutomization of Head as per the list of Heads provided at the time of order placed.

Offer Available :-

  1. Pay Rs. 200 for Five files for your friends and family members in one order instead of Rs.250/-
  2. The orderd placed before 31.12.19 will be eligible to get paid version FY2021P at same price of Rs. 50/- irrespective of price increased for version FY-2021P at the of release in March'2020. The users are requested to keep on visiting this page for any updates issued in this utility. Please note this offer may be withdrawn or revised at any time.

The Details of A/c - Amount to be Deposited or Transferred by NEFT / RTGS

Name - Neeta Rathore
Saving Bank A/C No. - 0172104000061153
Bank Name - IDBI Bank
IFSC Code - IBKL0000172

More About this utility

Therefore, we advise the users to download the utility afresh from this site.


Due diligence is exercised in compiling the utility. However, inadvertent errors / omissions are not ruled out. This site makes no claim that the utility made available for download are correct and / or up-to-date. Please download and use the form at your own risk and responsibility. This site will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused / arising to any person or persons or any body whosoever by using the utility downloaded from this site.

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