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Special Pay and Allowances - Workmen Employees

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Dearness Allowance

Clerical and Subordinate Staff - 0.10% of 'pay'

Dearness Allowance in the above manner shall be paid for every rise or fall of 4 points over 4440 points in the quarterly average of the All India Average Working Class Consumer Price Index (General) Base 1960=100.

SPECIAL PAY - For Clerical Staff (w.e.f. 1.11.2012

Sr. No.PostSpecial Pay (Rs.)
1.Single Window Operator 'B' 820
2.Head Cashier - II 1280
3.Special Assistant 1930

For Subordinate Staff (w.e.f. 1.11.2012)

Sr. No.PostSpecial Pay (Rs.)
1.Armed Guard 390
2.Bill Collector 390
4.Head Peon740
6.AC Plant Operator2040
8.Head Messenger in IOB1630

House Rent Allowance

Sr. No.AreaRate as percentage of Pay
[No Min / Max]
(i)Places with population of more than 45 lakhs and Project Area Centres in Group 'A' 10.00%
(ii)Places with population of 12 lakhs and above including State of Goa and Project Area Centres in Group 'B'9.00%
(iii)Other places not covered in (i) and (ii) above7.50%


  1. Where quarters are provided, HRA shall not be payable and the rent to be recovered shall be 0.3% of the first stage of the Scales of Pay.
  2. All other existing provisions relating to House Rent Allowance shall remain unchanged.

Medical Aid

Rs.2200 /- per annum with effect from 1st November 2012, for the year 2012, the reimbursement of medical expenses under the medical aid scheme shall be enhanced proportionately for two months i.e. November and December 2012.

Special Allowance

With effect from 1.11.2012, workmen employees shall be paid Special Allowance at 7.75% of the Basic pay with applicable DA thereon.

Note : The Special Allowance with applicable DA thereon shall not be reckoned for superannuation benefits viz., pension including contribution to NPS, PF & Gratuity.

Transport Allowance

Clerical and Subordinate Staff

  • Upto 15th stage of the scale of Pay - Rs.425/- per month
  • 16th stage of the scale of Pay and above - Rs.470/- per month

    Provided that a sub-staff drawing transport allowance at Rs.470/- per month, on being promoted to clerical cadre is fitted at a stage lower than 16th stage, he shall continue to be paid the same Transport Allowance of Rs.470/- per month.

    Note: (i) All permanent part time employees including those on probation and drawing scale wages shall be paid transport allowance on pro rata basis as under:

    Upto 15 years of service - Pro rata @Rs.425/- per month

    Above 15 years of service -Pro rata @Rs.470/- per month

    (ii)This provision by itself will not preclude the payment of any existing allowance of this nature paid as a result of Government guidelines/bank level settlements.

    Hill and Fuel Allowance

    aAt places situated at a height of 3000 metres and above8% of pay (Max. Rs.1500/-p.m.)
    b.At places situated at a height of and over 1500 metres but below 3000 metres 4% of pay (Max. Rs.600/-p.m.)
    c.At places situated at a height of over 1000 metres but less than 1500 metres and Mercara Town 3% of pay (Max. Rs.500/-p.m.)

    Washing Allowance

    Rs.150/- p.m., where the washing of livery is not arranged by the bank

    Cycle Allowance

    Payable to the members of the subordinate staff who are required to use a cycle on regular assignment for outdoor duties at Rs.100/- p.m. at all centers. Cycle allowance would not be paid to workman member of the subordinate staff entitled to the allowance for the period of leave where such leave exceeds 30 days.

    Split Duty Allowance - Rs.150/- p.m. Contents Highlights

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