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PSU Bank Pensioner DA Calculator
D.A. Payable w.e.f. Feb 2019

New - Pension amount of Bank Retiree after Nov'12 with & without Spl. Al low. if it would have been Part of Pay for Pension Calculations

Today i.e. on 31.01.2019, Government announced Consumer Price Index (CPI) data for the month of Dec'18. Pensioners DA payable from Feb'19 to Jul'19 is calculated on the basis of CPI announced by the Govt for the months from Jul'18 to Dec'18 . Accordingly, there is an increase of 70 DA Slabs payable for the period of Feb'19 to Jul'19 to bank pensioners. For calculation of your DA, please select your Date of Retirement and calculate your revised DA payable w.e.f Feb'19 and amount of monthly DA increase.

To calculate impact on your tax liability due to DA increase in FY 18-19 or by any other income use calculator 'Calculate Tax Impact on Rise of Income' provided hereunder.

Monthly Pension Calculation with FY 2018-19 tax calculations

Pensioner's DA Calculator
Payable w.e.f. Feb. 2019
Date of retirement:
Enter Basic Pension
DA for Jul'18 To Jan'19 (Slabs 1501)
Revised D A w.e.f. Feb'19 (Slabs 1571)
Enter Basic Pension
DA for Jul'18 To Jan'19 (Slabs 1364)
Revised D A w.e.f. Feb'19 (Slabs 1434)
Enter Basic Pension
DA for Jul'18 To Jan'19 (Slabs 1230)
Revised D A w.e.f. Feb'19 (Slabs 1300)
Enter Basic Pension
DA for Jul'18 To Jan'19 (Slabs 1079)
Revised D A w.e.f. Feb'19 (Slabs 1149)
Enter Basic Pension
DA for Jul'18 To Jan'19 (Slabs 942)
Revised D A w.e.f. Feb'19 (Slabs 1012)
Enter Basic Pension
Retired After 01.11.2012 (On Revised Basic Pension under 10BPS)
DA for Jul'18 To Jan'19 (Slabs 541)
Revised D A w.e.f. Feb'19 (Slabs 611)

Flexi Deposit Calculator for Your SB Linked A/C Calculations

Bank Retirees - Please Clcik Here and check Medical Insurance TPA Bill Claim Form in Fillable format is available at our website of your bank, if your TPA name is not available, please inform TPA name by email at maxnutils@gmail.com with bank name, so that same will be made available here in fillable format so that you download and fill the without any cutting / overwrtings etc.

Future Expenses Estimate Calculator

Disclaimer : This website do not claim its calculation of payable DA / expected DA slabs that would may become payable is full and final. As we do calculations on the basis of available CPI data for DA payable(may vary of one slabs on official announcement of IBA due to rounding of fraction of points). The expected DA is computed on some assumptions of CPI for coming months. The users are requested to please do inform in case he/she has noticed any error or updation of the official announcements of CPI index, for the correction & updation at this website. We shall welcome your feedback in the matter.