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1. Calculate DA Payable & Expected DA
(It displays DA slabs payable before and after DA revision alongwith amount of DA increase)
2. Monthwise DA Calculation
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PSU Bank Employees - Calculate your DA Payable from Nov'12 till the current month and from Nov'07 to Oct'12

NPS Calculator (For Bank / PSU / Central / State Govt Employees)
NPS - Deductions / Taxability & Tax Treatment on withdrawal

PSU bank employees / officers can calculate and generate complete DA details payable as per 10thBPS / salary revision w.e.f. Nov'12 i.e. from 01.11.2012 to till the current month. You can also calculate and view your complete DA payable details from Nov'07 to Oct'12 on your prevailing period basic pay* payable as per 9thBPS / salary revision w.e.f. Nov'07 to Oct'12

Show Me Step to calculate and display month wise DA for the selected period in tabular format

  1. Select Wage Settlement / Salary Revision period either from Nov'12 to till now or from Nov'07 to Oct'12 for the period DA to be calculated : Default selected option is "10th BPS From 01 Nov' 12" to enable you to calculate your DA from Nov'12 to till the current month (as per DA rates / slabs payable under 10thBPS) or yoy can select another option "9th BPS Nov'07 - Oct'12" to calculate your DA from Nov'07 to Oct'12 as per DA rates / slabs payable under 9thBPS on the Basic Pay payable as per 9thBPS.
  2. Select year to start for DA calculation during the period of above selected wage settlement or salary revision period.(Default year - 2017 selected , you may change it)
  3. Select month to start for DA calculation during the period of above selected Wage settlement or salary revision period and Year. (Default month - Dec. selected , you may change it)
  4. Enter your Basic pay* + allowances of which DA is payable = Basic Pay + Special allowance ( in case of workmen 7.75 % of Basic pay & in case of officers - Up to Scale III @ 7.75%, Scale IV and V 10% &Scale Vi and VII 11%) + Professional Qualification Pay (PQP) or + GRADUATION PAY + SPECIAL PAY of workmen employees (viz. Head Cashier / Special Assistant / Daftari / Armed Guard etc.) allowances that draws dearness allowance (specially in case of workmen)

    Please note that basic pay be entered as per selected Wage Settlement / Salary Revision Period selected and payable to you.

  5. Enter Number of Months DA to View month wise in tabular format from Year and Month selected as per point no. 2 and 3 above. (Default month to view here selected 5, you may change it).

PSU bank Retirees / Pensioners - retired / opted VRS on or after 01.11.2007 till NOW. Click Here to calculate / check DA on pension and monthly pension

On submission of your Details
Your selected period / months DA will be displayed here

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