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One Word Substitution - Test Series

Why to Learn One Word Substitution?

To write precisely and to the point is very important in your English Language exams. If a single precise word is available for a long sentence or phrase, try using it, and for this you have to learn and practice writing. For learning new words and adding those to your vocabulary, we have compiled here a list of One Words in 20 tests for you. To view all these words in a list click here.

How to attempt test series or add the words in your vocabulary?

You may attempt or revise your self by reading words / sentence given in column number 1 and think over the One Word that can be used / substituted for these words. Then click the button "Show Ans." in column number 3. You will find that the One Word will be displayed in column number 4 of the given words / sentence in column number 1.

However, the best way to practice is to type the one word in column no. 2 of the given words /sentence of column no. 1. Then click the button " Show Ans." in column number 3 to view the answer.

Test Series Number - 3

A medicine that kills germs

A medicine that prevents decomposing

A medicine to counteract the effect of another medicine

A member of the middle class

A method that cannot be imitated

A pardonable offense

A person appointed by parties to settle the disputes between them

A person difficult to please

A person liable to be called to account for his action

A person supported by another and giving him/her nothing in return

A person who always thinks of himself; somebody who is selfish or self-centered

A person who attacks first

A person who believes easily whatever he is told

A person who believes in fate

A person who believes that all events are pre-determined

Please advise your kids for learning new words and adding to their vocabulary, do regularly read quality articles /newspapers, and while reading, they come across a new word, look up for its meaning in the dictionary /website and then try using it in sentences.

We request you in case any discrepancy or typographical error is noticed, please inform us for corrections. Contents Highlights