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One Word Substitution

Why to Learn One Word Substitution?

To write precisely and to the point is very important in your English Language exams. If a single precise word is available for a long sentence or phrase, try using it, and for this you have to learn and practice writing. For learning new words and adding those to your vocabulary, we have compiled here a list of One Words

Sentences Start with Alphabet - A
A person who believes in fateFatalist
A person who is above hundred yearsCentenarian
A book published after the death of its authorPosthumous
A book written by an unknown authorAnonymous
A cinema show which is held in the afternoonMatinee
A citizen of the worldCosmopolite
A contagious disease which spreads over a huge areaEpidemic
A drug or other substance that induces sleepSoporific
A flesh eating animalCarnivorous
A game in which neither party winsDraw
A game in which no one winsDraw
A game or batter in which neither party winsDrawn/ Tie
A Government by a king or queenMonarchy
A Government by oneAutocracy
A Government by the fewOligarchy
A Government by the NoblesAristocracy
A Government by the officialsBureaucracy
A Government by the peopleDemocracy
A Government by the richPlutocracy
A grass eating animalHerbivorous
A great lover of booksBibliophile
A handwriting that cannot be readIllegible
A land animal that breeds in waterAmphibian
A letter, poem etc. whose author is unknownAnonymous
A life history written by oneselfAutobiography
A life history written by somebody elseBiography
A list of booksCatalogue
A list of names, books etc.Catalogue
A loss of damage that cannot be compensatedIrreparable
A man devoid of kind feeling and sympathyCallous
A man who has too much enthusiasm for his own religionFanatic
A man who is easily irritatedIrritable
A medicine that kills germsGermicide
A medicine that prevents decomposingAntiseptic
A medicine to counteract the effect of another medicineAntidote
A member of the middle classBourgeois
A method that cannot be imitatedInimitable
A pardonable offenseVenial
A person appointed by parties to settle the disputes between themArbitrator
A person difficult to pleaseFastidious
A person liable to be called to account for his actionAnswerable
A person supported by another and giving him/her nothing in returnParasite
A person who always thinks of himself; somebody who is selfish or self-centeredEgotist
A person who attacks firstAggressor
A person who believes easily whatever he is toldCredulous
A person who believes that all events are pre-determinedFatalist
A person who cannot read or writeIlliterate
A person who does not believe in the institution of marriageMisogamist
A person who has power over allOmnipotent
A person who hates womenMisogynist
A person who imports or exports goods into or from a country secretly because they are illegalSmuggler
A person who knows everythingOmniscient
A person who loves every bodyAltruist
A person who readily believes whatever is told to him/her.Credulous
A person who remains unmoved and unaffected by other people's opinions, suggestionsImpervious
A person who rides on horse-backEquestrian
A person who speaks two languagesBilingual
A person with an evil reputationNotorious
A person's peculiar habitIdiosyncrasy
A place where orphans liveOrphanage
A place where weapons and ammunitions are storedArsenal
A position for which no salary is paidHonorary
A post held without receiving salaryHonorary
A post which does not earnHonorary
A remedy which never failsInfallible
A sentence whose meaning is unclearAmbiguous
A short message added on to the end of a letter after the signaturePostscript
A shortened form of a word or phraseAbbreviation
A sound that cannot be heardInaudible
A speech delivered without any previous preparationExtempore
A speech or a presentation made without previous preparationExtempore
A state of perfect balanceEquilibrium
A statement which cannot be understoodIncomprehensible
A study of ancient thingsArchaeology
A study of animalsZoology
A study of birdsOrnithology
A study of derivation of wordsEtymology
A study of manAnthropology
A study of racesEthnology
A study of the bodyPhysiology
A supposed cure for all diseases or problemsPanacea
A thing no longer in useObsolete
A thing that cannot be seen with human eyesInvisible
A thing that is fit to be eatenEdible
A word opposite in meaning to anotherAntonym
Absence of governmentAnarchy
All-powerful; possessing complete power and authorityOmnipotent
An absolute government by one manAutocracy
An animal or a human being that eats any kind of foodOmnivorous
An animal who preys on other animalsPredator
An assembly of hearers at a lecture or concertAudience
An exact copyFacsimile
An office with high salary but no workSinecure
Anything that leads to deathFatal
Assembly or parliament in which no party has got clear majorityHung
Sentences Start with Alphabet - B
Belonging or pertaining to an individual from birthCongenital
Belonging to the Middle AgesMedieval
Belonging to the same period of timeContemporary
Sentences Start with Alphabet - C
Celebration of a hundredth year, onceCentenary
Cut off the headBehead
Sentences Start with Alphabet - D
Destroy or get rid of something completelyEradicate
Do away with whollyAbolish
Sentences Start with Alphabet - F
Free somebody from blame or guiltExonerate
Sentences Start with Alphabet - G
General pardonAmnesty
General pardon for political offendersAmnesty
Government by officialsBureaucracy
Government by the noblesAristocracy
Government by the officialsBureaucracy
Government by the peopleDemocracy
Sentences Start with Alphabet - H
Handwritten bookManuscript
Hard but liable to be easily brokenBrittle
Hater of mankindMisanthropist
Having opposing feelingsAmbivalent
Sentences Start with Alphabet - I
Impossible to changeIncorrigible
Incapable of being dissolved in a liquidInsoluble
Incapable of being seized by attackImpregnable
Inscription on a tombstoneEpitaph
Sentences Start with Alphabet - K
Killer of oneMatricide
Sentences Start with Alphabet - L
Liable to be called to accountAccountable
Life story of a man written by himselfAutobiography
Life story of a man written by otherBiography
Looking into oneIntrospection
Lover of mankind Philanthropist
Sentences Start with Alphabet - M
Medical examination of a dead bodyPostmortem
Men living in the same ageContemporary
Misappropriation of moneyEmbezzlement
Murder of a fatherPatricide
Murder of a human beingHomicide
Murder of a motherMatricide
Murder of an brotherFratricide
Murder of an infantInfanticide
Murder of selfSuicide
Murder of the kingRegicide
Sentences Start with Alphabet - N
Not applicableIrrelevant
Sentences Start with Alphabet - O
Of a man showing feminine attributesEffeminate
Of a man or animal that feeds on its own speciesCannibal
Of a person extremely desirous of moneyAvaricious
of a person who can use both hands equally wellAmbidextrous
Of a person who cannot be pleased easilyFastidious
Of a person who easily believes whatever is told to himCredulous
Of animals feeding on fleshCarnivorous
Of animals feeding on grass and plantsHerbivorous
Of animals living in flocksGregarious
Of manners more like those of a woman than a manEffeminate
One incapable of being tiredIndefatigable
One who always thinks himself to be illValetudinarian
One who believes in fateFatalist
One who believes in GodTheist
One who calculates premiumActuary
One who can do anything for moneyMercenary
One who can make himself at home in all countriesCosmopolitan
One who can speak two languagesBilingual
One who can throw his voiceVentriloquist
One who cannot be correctedIncorrigible
One who cannot read or writeIlliterate
One who changes sidesTurncoat
One who copies from other writersPlagiarist
One who damages public propertyVandal
One who dies without a WillIntestate
One who does not believe in the existence of GodAtheist
One who does not care for art, literature etcPhilistine
One who does not make mistakesInfallible
One who does something not professionally but for pleasureAmateur
One who doesn't know how to read and writeIlliterate
One who doubts the existence of godAgnostic
One who eats too muchGlutton
One who feels sympathetic towards human beingsHumanitarian
One who goes on footPedestrian
One who has narrow and prejudiced religious viewsBigot
One who has no moneyPauper
One who has strange habitsEccentric
One who hates mankindMisanthrope
One who hates womenMisogynist
One who helps others GoodSamaritan
One who is a newcomerNeophyte
One who is all powerfulOmnipotent
One who is difficult to pleaseFastidious
One who is easily deceivedGullible
One who is fond of sensuous pleasuresEpicure
One who is greedy for moneyAvaricious
One who is indifferent to pleasure or painStoic
One who is new to a trade or professionNovice
One who is not easily pleasedFastidious
One who is out to subvert a governmentAnarchist
One who is present everywhereOmnipresent
One who is qualifies for electionEligible
One who is quite like a womanEffeminate
One who is unable to pay his debtsInsolvent
One who is unmarriedCelibate
One who knows everythingOmniscient
One who knows many languagesPolyglot
One who lives in a foreign countryImmigrant
One who looks on the bright side of thingsOptimist
One who looks on the dark side of thingsPessimist
One who loves booksBibliophile
One who loves mankindPhilanthropist
One who makes an official examination of accountsAuditor
One who pretends to be what he is notHypocrite
One who pursues some art or sport as hobbyAmateur
One who questions everythingCynic
One who speaks lessReticent
One who thinks only for oneself, a person who is selfish, self absorbed and self centeredEgoist
One who thinks only of himselfEgoist
One who thinks only of welfare of womenFeminist
One who works for freeVolunteer
Sentences Start with Alphabet - P
People living at the same timeContemporaries
People of noble families or the highest social classAristocracy
People who work togetherColleagues
Person who rides on horse-backEquestrian
Persons living in the same ageContemporaries
Practice of having one wife or husbandMonogamy
Practice of having several husbandsPolyandry
Practice of having several wivesPolygamy
Practice of having two wives or husbandsBigamy
Sentences Start with Alphabet - R
Remarks which do not ally apply to the subject under discussionIrrelevant
Rule by the mobMobocracy
Sentences Start with Alphabet - S
Science of coins or medalsNumismatics
Science of origin of universeCosmology
Somebody or something with the same name as somebody or something elseNamesake
Somebody who doesnVegetarian
somebody who eats human fleshCannibal
Somebody who is considerably experienced in somethingVeteran
Somebody who works or serves only for personal profitMercenary
Something said or done without preparationExtempore
Something that cannot be correctedIncorrigible
Something that cannot be imitatedInimitable
Something that has been determined beforehandForegone
Something that is essential and cannot be dispensed withIndispensable
Something that is quickly and easily set on fire and burnedInflammable
Something that quickly catches fireInflammable
Spoken or done without preparationExtempore
state of antagonismHostility
Statements open to more than interpretationAmbiguous
Study of environmentEcology
Systematic study of election trendsPsephology
Sentences Start with Alphabet - T
That can be eatenEdible
That cannot be altered or withdrawnIrrevocable
That is prohibited by lawIllicit
That through which light can partly passTranslucent
That through which light can passTransparent
That through which light cannot passOpaque
That which cannot be avoidedInevitable
That which cannot be believedIncredible
That which cannot be changedIrrevocable
That which cannot be conqueredInvincible
That which cannot be curedIncurable
That which cannot be defendedIndefensible
That which cannot be describedIndescribable
That which cannot be explainedInexplicable
That which cannot be hurtInvulnerable
That which cannot be imitatedInimitable
That which cannot be noticedImperceptible
That which cannot be practicedImpracticable
That which cannot be put into practiceImpracticable
That which cannot be readIllegible
That which cannot be satisfiedInsatiable
That which cannot be seenInvisible
That which does not bear the name of the writerAnonymous
That which is against lawIllegal
That which is considered wrong or unacceptable by prevailing social standardsIllicit
That which is lawfulLegal
That which is not likely to happenImprobable
That which is unlikely to happenImprobable
The act of killing an infantInfanticide
The action of looking back on past timeIntrospection
The area over which an official has controlJurisdiction
The branch of biology dealing with plant lifeBotany
The custom of having more than one husband at a timePolyandry
The custom of having more than one wife at a timePolygamy
The first speech made by a personMaiden
The killing of an infantInfanticide
The life story of a man written by himselfAutobiography
The murder or murderer of oneFratricide
The period between childhood and adulthoodAdolescence
The science which treats with lifeBiology
To date before the true timeAntedate
To explain something mysterious or difficultElucidate
To free somebody from all blameExonerate
To give oneDelegate
To go down in valueDepreciate
To go from bad to worseDeteriorate
To increase the gravity of an offence or the intensity of a diseaseAggravate
To increase the speed; to hasten the progress ofAccelerate
To lay special stress onEmphasize
To rise in valueAppreciate
To root out an evil, diseaseEradicate
To take away some oneDisenfranchisement
To take somebody away by force and hold him or her prisoner, usually for ransomKidnap
To transfer one's authority to anotherDelegate
To turn friends in enemiesAlienate
To write under a different namePseudonym
Sentences Start with Alphabet - V
Very negative personPessimist
Violating the sanctity of a churchSacrilege
Sentences Start with Alphabet - W
Water fit for drinkingPotable
Without lifeInanimate
Without paymentGratis
Words which have the same meaningSynonyms
Words written on the tomb of a personEpitaph
Work for which no salary is paidHonorary
Worship of idolsIdolatry


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