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Writing Love Letters

There is only one rule - write what your heart dictates, spontaneous, sincere, unselfish and a love letter should be individual. Be real what you are in letter overpowering statements that can all easily be misunderstood. Nothing should be written that can be misconstructed.

Helping Thoughts

Salutations - My dearest, My precious, My wonder girl (baby), My morning star, Beloved, My adorable, My adored, Sweetheart, Daeling, Honey; Honey Darling, My heaven on earth, My heart's delight, Hello, Hi, My lovely wife (husband)

  1. I have been making plans all week for...
  2. You're dear to write so often
  3. Your letters (thought) are wonderful
  4. your letter (thoughts) make me so happy
  5. I have missed you from the minutes we said good-by
  6. I can't wait until the mailman / mobile network /internet is back again
  7. I am counting the hours till I can be with you
  8. Each hour I am away from you seems an eternity
  9. I can't wait to hug you in my arms
  10. I can't wait to crush you in my arms and cover you with million kisses
  11. How is my lovely wife(husband) today ?
  12. Don't forget me ...
  13. I dreamed of you last night
  14. Take good care of yourself
  15. I can't wait to see you again
  16. I am sending you ...
what to say ..
  1. I love you (forever)
  2. I shall love you forever
  3. Our love will last as long as our lives
  4. There is no limit to my love
  5. I think of you alway
  6. You are everything to me
  7. Oceans of love to you
  8. Last whole night I was thinking of you
  9. I can't be happy anywhere without you
  10. Kiss the children for me
  11. Nothing can erase the memories of those few days we spent together
  12. On one has as much loved as I love you
  13. I shall love you always
  14. I cannot stop myself to love you
  15. Sleep well, my hearts and soul, my prayers are with you
  16. My thoughts are always with you
  17. Remain my true, my only treausure, my all, as I am yours
  1. Good-by for now
  2. Always yours
  3. With love
  4. Lovingly yours
  5. Devotedly yours
  6. Your most affectionate
  7. Your own
  8. Ever yours
  9. Yours ever
  10. Forever yours
  11. Tenderly

    Sample letter

    Karishma darling

    I can still hear your voice. It was wonderful speaking to you last night and even more wonderful (if possible) to know you'll be coming here (venue) on Monday.

    Dearest, I'll be counting the minutes till I see you on Monday.

    Devotedly Contents Highlights