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Future Expenses Estimate Calculator

You can calculate estimate of monthly future expenses after a certain period on the basis of your present monthly expenses after taking into account impact of rate of inflation and forthcoming regular monthly expenses in coming months by :-
  1. Inflation:- Every one has to consider it.
  2. Addtional Monthly Regular Expenses may arise in coming months:- It may be due to change in living standard by raising loan for purchase of car / house etc. & it will may increase monthly expenses by Loan EMI and fuel expenses. Like wise addtional expenses you will have to incur from coming months on child education / addition of family member / Strat of SIP etc.

1Present monthly expenses -
2Select from Increase / Decrease / Stagnant of your estimate of Future Expenses. Enter at 3 in % of present expenses that may increase or decrease due to (as above 2)
Future Yearly Expenses will Increase by (%)
Future Yearly Expenses will Decrease by (%)
Future Expenses will remain Stagnant
2Inflation Rate
3Addtional Monthly Expenses May Arise
4Addtional Monthly Expenses will start after number of months (should be less than of point 5)
5Estimate of Monthly Expesens After Number of Months
6Present Monthly Expenses
7Future Monthly Estimated Expenses after the period entered at point 5
Calculated as per your estimate of inflation and future expense (increase /decrease /stagnant)

The Future Expenses Estimation calculator is provided to prepare you for the simple facts of life such as inflation and how much it can affect future expenses. This will give you invaluable time to get prepared, to save for that rainy day, to invest wisely to ensure that you do not need to compromise on the things that matter in your life.

. Happy Calculating! Happy Future Planning !

E.g. Present Monthly expenses of Mr. A is Rs. 21000/-. He has planned about his addtional monthly future expenses of Rs. 8000/- that may start after 12 months viz. EMI of Rs. 4500/- for buying a car + monthly fuel expenses Rs. 1500/- + Rs. 2000/- school fee of his second child.

The calculation that Mr A can have :- The estimate of monthly expenses of Mr. A after 60 Months(5 years) with taking into account of inflation @7% will be Rs. 39940/- with addtional Rs.8000/- of montly expenses that will start after 12 months from now and without consideration of this addtional expenses the estimate of his monthly expenses after 60 Months on inflation @7% will be Rs. 29454/-. On the basis of present monthly expenses of Rs. 21000/- and on presumption of @7% inflation, the estimate of monthly expenses of Mr. A after 12 months is Rs. 22470/-. The reason of increase is the impact of inflation. No one can predict or say the rate of inflation will remain at what level. To make it more clear and show the imapct of inflation, let we take inflation @8% in this case the estimate of expenses after 12 months will be Rs. 22680/- and after 60 months Rs. 30856/- against Rs. 29454/- and Rs. 41740/- against Rs. 39940/-

Note: The calculations of exampple and all the calculations you will see are based on certain assumptions which may not be true in your case. It is just an estimate or projections of calculations. Therefore, we recommend you to consult your personal financial advisor before taking any decision. or its owner disclaims any responsibility for any decision taken based on the calculations provided on this website.

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