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Difference between Westerners and Asians

  1. Opinion

    Westerners: Talk to the point

    Asians: Talk around the circle, especially if opinions are different

  2. Way of Life

    Westerners: individualism, think of himself or herself.

    Asians: enjoy gathering with family and friends, solving their problems, and know each other's business.

  3. Punctuality

    Westerners: on time.

    Asians: in time.

  4. Contacts

    Westerners: Contact to related person only.

    Asians: Contact everyone everywhere, business very successful.

  5. Anger

    Westerners: Show that I am angry.

    Asians: I am angry, but still smiling... (Beware!)

  6. Queue when Waiting

    Westerners: Queuing in an orderly manner.

    Asians: Queuing?! What's that?

  7. Sundays on the Road

    Westerners: Enjoy weekend relaxing peacefully.

    Asians: Enjoy weekend in crowded places, like going to the mall.

  8. Party

    Westerners: Only gather with their own group.

    Asians: All focus on the one activity that is hosted by the CEO.

  9. In the restaurant

    Westerners: Talk softly and gently in the restaurant.

    Asians: Talk and laugh loudly like they own the restaurant.

  10. Travelling

    Westerners: Love sightseeing and enjoy the scenery.

    Asians: Taking picture is the most important; scenery is just for the background.

  11. Handling of Problems

    Westerners: Take any steps to solve the problems.

    Asians: Try to avoid conflicts, and if can, don't leave any trail.

  12. Three meals a day

    Westerners: Good meal for once a day is sufficed.

    Asians: At least 3 good meals a day.

  13. Transportation

    Westerners: Before drove cars, now cycling for environmental protection.

    Asians: Before no money and rode a bike, now got money and drive a car

  14. Elderly in day-to-day life

    Westerners: When old, there is snoopy for companionship.

    Asians: When old, guarantee will not be lonely, as long as willing to babysit grandkids.

  15. Moods and Weather

    Westerners: The logic is: rain is pain.

    Asians: More rain, more prosperity

  16. The Boss

    Westerners: The boss is part of the team.

    Asians: The boss is a fierce god.

  17. What's Trendy

    Westerners: Eat healthy Asian cuisine.

    Asians: Eat expensive Western cuisine.

  18. The Child

    Westerners: The kid is going to be independent and make his/her own living.

    Asians: Slog whole life for the kids, the centre of your life.