Grandfathering Pr.FD-RD Maturity & Intt. Value ??

Preposition Exercise - 12

  1. The diamond ring that her boyfriend bought for her turned ---------- to be a fake one..
  2. His application was turned ---------- as he didn't complete the necessary requirements in time..
  3. They had been waiting at the departure lounge for almost three hours when they finally got ---------- the train..
  4. We were amazed ---------- his bravery.
  5. e is backward ---------- his studies.
  6. All laws are based ---------- social justice.
  7. He begged mercy ---------- me.
  8. All shall benefit ---------- PMRY programme.
  9. This luggage belongs ---------- me.
  10. Believe ---------- what I say.

Correctness =

Correct Answers:

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