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Learn English Grammar - Prepositions & Its Uses

Prepositions of Place

In At On
by, next to, besidet Under Below
Over Above Across
Through Into Towards
Onto From

Preposition Of Place - Examples


1. Room, building, street, town & country - in the kitchen, in London
2. book, paper etc. - in the book
3. Car, taxi - in the car, in a taxi
4. Picture, world - in the picture, in the world


1. Meaning next to, by an object - at the door, at the station
2. For table - at the table
3. For events - at a concert, at the party
4. Place where you are to do something typical (watch a film, study, work)) - at the cinema, at school, at work


.1. Attached - the picture on the wall
2. For a place with a river - London lies on the Thames
3. Being on a surface - on the table
4. For a certain side (left, right) - on the left
5. For a floor in a house - on the first floor
6. For public transport - on the bus, on a plane
7. For television, radio - on TV, on the radio

By, Next to, Beside

Left or right of somebody or something - Jane is standing by / next to / beside the car


On the ground, lower than (or covered by) something else - the bag is under the table


Lower than something else but above ground - the fish are below the surface


1.Covered by something else - put a jacket over your shirt
2. Meaning more than - over 16 years of age
3. Getting to the other side (also across)- walk over the bridge
4. Overcoming an obstacle - climb over the wall


Higher than something else, but not directly over it - a path above the lake


1. Getting to the other side (also over) - walk across the bridge
2. Getting to the other side - swim across the lake


Something with limits on top, bottom and the sides - drive through the tunnel
2. Movement to a place or country - go to London / Ireland
3. For bed - go to bed


Enter a room / a building) :go into the kitchen / the house


Movement in the direction of something - go 5 steps towards the house


Movement to the top of something - jump onto the table


In the sense of where from - a flower from the garden

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