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Learn English Grammar - Prepositions & Its Uses

Verb Followed Certain Prepositions


List of most commonly used Verb Followed by Certain Prepositions


care about
complain about
forget about
lie about (tell a lie)
reminisce about
talk about
think about
wonder about
worry about


discriminate against
protest against
react against
rebel against
turn against


aim at
bark at
connive at
frown at
gaze at
glare at
growl at
hint at
look at
point at
shoot at
smile at
snap at
sneer at
stare at
wave at
wink at


apply for
apologize for
beg for
blame for
budget for
hope for
long for
look for
mourn for
pay for
plead for
pose for
pray for
prepare for
press for
register for
search for
shop for
substitute for
vouch for
wait for
wish for


abstain from
benefit from
deduct from
derive from
desist from
deter from
detract from
deviate from
differ from
divert from
escape from
extricate from
flee from
infer from
profit from
protect from
quote from
radiate from
recoil from
recover from
refrain from
shrink from
stem from
suffer from


believe in
engage in
indulge in
intervene in
invest in
participate in
persist in
succeed in


change into
convert into
delve into
dip into
develop into.
divide into
fall into
merge into
plunge into
pry into
sink into
transform into


approve of
beware of
conceive of
consist of
deprive of
die of
disapprove of
smell of


blame on
concentrate on
depend on
impinge on
impose on
insist on
intrude on
pounce on
reflect on
rely on
report on
spy on
subsist on
thrive on


preside over
trip over


adapt to
adhere to
adjust to
amount to
belong to
conform to
contribute to
correspond to
listen to
object to
pertain to
prefer to
refer to
relate to
respond to
resort to
revert to
submit to
subscribe to
succumb to
surrender to
yield to


agree with
associate with
collaborate with
combine with
communicate with
comply with
concur with
consort with
contend with
cooperate with
cope with
correspond with
flirt with
mingle with
share with
sympathize with

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