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Best Wishes Quotes

Enjoy every single moment

Best wishes for the day

Your wishes come true

Let us celebrate the day

Lets us enjoy the day

Lets us enjoy the Sunday

God keep you in good health forever

Wishing peace and happiness

Be blessed!

May your all wishes come True

Say goodbye to sorrow

Right time to Smile

Opportunities knocks door every morning

Respect your dream for right way

Have a wonderful Day

Loaded With Full of LOVE

Night will change into day without your effort

To succeed, start your efforts

A Morning means God tells purpose of life

Destiny reminds to fulfill purpose of life

May you get exactly what you deserved

If life is a game, wish you set and Match

If life is a journey, wish walk rose petals

If life is a joy, wish for an eternal smile

May you have ans. to the questions of life

May you have ans. to questions in exams

Best wishes for success and excellence

I wish Sweetness for the Day

I wish Peace in your mind

I wish Calmness in your heart

I wish Strength in your hands

I wish victory at all times

It Would be wonderful day

Every heart sings a song

Treat others as you wish to be treated

Be kind to other people

View things with different eyes

Inspire people to do good

Wish people would love everybody

Respect the past & mistrust the present

Wish to provide safety of the future

May all your dreams & desires come true


आपका दिन मंगलमय हो


दिन के हर क्षण आनंददायक हो

More options to create message to wish
1) (a)  Birthday Cake with Name i.e. You can Write Name on it
1) (b)  Happy Birthday
2)  (a)  Anniversary Cake with Name i.e. You can Write Name on it
2) (b)  Happy Anniversary
3)  Congratulations
4)  Thanks
5)  Sorry
6)   All The Best
7)  Happy Journey
8)  Get Well Soon
10)  Ganesh Chaturthi

11)  Navratri Wish + Navrati Day Wise