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Basic Pension Amount Payable Calculator for PSU Bank Employees

Click Hete to calculate total of salary / pension income after standard deductions of Rs. 40000/- for FY 2018-19 (with Month wise details), Monthly TDS and Total Taxable Income.

Click for features of Bank Employees Pension Scheme

Leave Salary / Leave Encashment and Income Tax Exemption / Taxable Amount Calculator

Basic Pension Amount Payable Calculator
For PSU Bank Employees
Type of Retirement
Total of 10 months Basic Pay (pre-retirement)
Total of 10 months allowances (qualifying for PF deduction)
Completed Years of Service
*Years of Service Left In case of VRS
Basic Pension
*Total max service for calculation= completed+left=33
Calculate Pension Payable & Commutation
Calculate Gartuity (Max 20 Lac)
Monthly Pension & TDS / TAX FY 18-19
15G / 15H Eligibility Calculator & Fillable Forms

Go to - Calculate DA on Pension

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