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    Grandfathering Pr.1-3 Cr By Age 50

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    Calculate total amount pay off to debt free of credit card balance payable with interest and period in months to be debt free

    Calculate maturity value of recurring deposit

    Calculate Long Term Capital Gain value with indexation cost from FY 1980-81 to FY 2012-13

    Calculate Short Term Capital Gain & Tax

    Calculate loan EMI & loan amortization month wise

    Compare Calculated EMI for Loan Amount = 1000/- Intt. @8% to 15% - Tenure 60 to 240 months. It also displays Income Tax Rates FY 2013-14 (AY 2014-15).
    Calculate Tax Liability FY 2013-14 & compare your Tax Liability with FY 2012-13

    Calculate how much more cost hotel eating to home eating & interest earns on the amount saved

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