Grandfathering Pr.1-3 Cr By Age 50

Preposition Exercise - 10

  1. Do you get ---------- well ---------- your sister? .
  2. The diamond ring that her boyfriend bought for her turned ---------- to be a fake one..
  3. His application was turned ---------- as he didn't complete the necessary requirements in time..
  4. They had been waiting at the departure lounge for almost three hours when they finally got ---------- the train..
  5. Some people are very keen ---------- working in a team, but some others don't like depending on others..
  6. I'm terribly bored having that day to day battle with my manager, so I'm planning to resign..
  7. My son is mad ---------- science and technology. I guess he'll become an engineer..
  8. I wish I were experienced ---------- the field of marketing..
  9. People who are good ---------- making friends usually work in the field of trade, which requires having good communicative skills..
  10. Most office workers are fond ---------- having frequent coffee breaks..

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