Grandfathering Pr.1-3 Cr By Age 50

Preposition Exercise - 9

  1. They are called ---------- different names..
  2. We should not spend money ---------- luxuries..
  3. The new term begins ---------- June 1st..
  4. He poured the tea ---------- the mug..
  5. They had to put ---------- the meeting when the general director didn't turn ---------- ..
  6. He made ---------- a story when he was late for the first class, but the teacher didn't believe him..
  7. We still haven't come ---------- ---------- an interesting theme for the advertising campaign..
  8. He came ---------- a very old letter written by his grandmother to his grandfather while he was looking ---------- an old photo for his research paper..
  9. The plane wasn't allowed to take ---------- because of bad weather conditions..
  10. Most people prefer taking ---------- a hobby to relieve stress..

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