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Preposition Exercise - 27

  1. So the McDonald brothers thought ---------- a way to produce hamburgers more quickly..
  2. This was introduced in 1948 and became known ---------- the Speedee Service System..
  3. The first franchised McDonald's restaurant was opened ---------- 1953, and today you can find McDonald's restaurants ---------- more than 100 countries..
  4. The meats ---------- the burgers vary ---------- the culture ---------- the country..
  5. Franchisees and future managers ---------- McDonald's restaurants are trained ---------- Hamburger University, which is located ---------- Oak Brook, a suburb ---------- Chicago..
  6. McDonalds is also known ---------- its sponsorship in various international sport events..
  7. Working at a big company will certainly enable you to have a large circle ---------- friends..
  8. If you want to go ---------- bus, you have to go ---------- the bus stop..
  9. You look ---------- the time table..
  10. Then you wait ---------- your bus..

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