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What is Spirituality?

Something concerning with the intellect or what is often thought of as the better or deeply concentrating mind. And is it the moral aspect of life?. Whatever way one may define, it may be termed as an ideal that reckons all reality in essence as spiritual. Or simply stated spirituality is one's character or quality that makes one go beyond the barriers of worldliness, caste, belief and sensuality; and realize one's connection with the Truth of life/existence/life cycle.

How to make God Listen to us?

by GVS Gopalarao

Most of the times, almost of all devotees, worshippers and ordinary people get a doubt if at all God exists? If he is there, why he is not seen, nor he is listening to the devotees frantic calls to help.

But, again he forgets temporarily these doubts and continues his little prayers, worships to get the help from God for his day to day business. Many times he will not get help (it looks like that) and he gets the doubt again about the God. This way this situation of doubting and again praying became a normal part of life for almost every one, except the yogis, but many people never reveal this as they think it is not worth referring to others.

Lot of things were told, written, sung, discussed, shouted about God and his existence in all past centuries, decades, years and months. But now this problem is revisited for this year, in this most modern age with modern wishes, and modern temperaments.

Few things we can make sure. God should be there and mostly every one openly or secretly agrees God or some power is there which is creating, controlling and destroying the entire creation. We love and honor god if he is helping us in our day to day needs of curing our illness, becoming rich, getting offspring, achieving goals etc. This is truth. Even though great people say to love god only for His sake, we are a bit reluctant to do it because we are very busy solving our problems, or playing the game of life created by God. So we need His help at every point of time . But most of our wishes, demands and prayers were not accepted or granted by Lord God.

What to do in these conditions?

Does he like our demands? Or he encourages only self realization activities? The truth is God loves your game more than you do. He loves to grant the boons, gifts,skills every thing subject to conditions. "conditions apply" tag will be there in the attractive website of God.

What conditions? Your prayer should be earnest. That means you should be longing for that gift or boon continuously for considerable time without changing your list. If you go on typing your demands daily, updating the old list, God will not be so crazy to follow your typing and spoiling your life as a result of your crazy requests.

You ask any thing, after considerable thinking, and stick to that request considerable time, depending on the type of request.

Be sure God loves every type of your request. If you request a dirty request, he loves to give you so that you learn how foolish you are in demanding that.

Second condition is that if your request is for the benefit of other people also, the inclination of God to grant it increases. You may request either "I want good food" or "We want good food". The second one will be granted early.

Third condition is, God takes his own time to give you what you wanted. He waits for a right time to give it to you. It is said that all your thoughts, wishes will not die even you die. They will be there in the universe and haunt you in your next life also.

So, it is sure that God listens, to you and ready to answer your every prayer, how silly it may be, but you should increase the intensity of your prayer for that, by some means like worships, service, meditation, perpetual requests.

You can intensity your request or demand by continuously repeating your demand to your self and positive assertion too.

So, Good luck to the people who like to utilize the most Modern God to help you in achieving your modern requests. Please believe He is listening your every whisper and is ready to help you. Contents Highlights