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Inspiration from Lord Ganeshjee

Lord Ganeshjee 's Big Head inspires us to think big and think profitability; the Big Ears prompt us to listen patiently to new ideas and suggestions; the Narrow Eyes point to deep concentration needed to finish tasks in hand well and quickly; the Long Nose tells us to poke around inquisitively to learn more; and the Small Mouth reminds us to speak less and listen more.

Happy Thoughts

If Think happy thoughts, we will be happy.
If we think misserable thoughts, we will be miserable.
If we think fearful thoughts, we wiill be fearful.
Happiness is harvest, stress is weeds.

Evaluate Your Desires

Desires serves as the catalyst and motivator for an individual to acquire knowledge and moulds his/her actions. Desires are an inherent trait of human character.

To maximize the potential for fulfillment, it is important to evaluate and analyze your desires.