Grandfathering Pr.1-3 Cr By Age 50
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Last modified / updated Dec. 27, 2015

Perquisite Value Calculator
for Concessional / Interest Free Overdraft Limit

A. Select Perquisite Value Calculator for Concessional or Interest Free Term Loans / Overdraft Limit -

  1. Calculat Here Pequsite Value of Loans Availed / Adjusted During - Apr'15 to Mar'16
  2. Calculat Here Pequsite Value of Overdraft Limit
  3. Use it for Loans O/S as on 01.04.2015

B. Perquisite Value Calculator of Motor Car / Any Other Vehicle

C. View SBI Interest Rates on 01.04.2015 For the purpose of computing perquisite valuation

Interest Free Loan provided by the employer is exempt from tax in the following 2 cases:-

  1. If the loan has been provided for medical treatment in respect of diseases specified in rule 3A, it shall be exempt from tax. However, in this situation if an amount is received by the employee as a reimbursement under a medical insurance scheme, the exemption here shall not apply to this reimbursement and it shall be taxed as a perquisite.
  2. When the aggregate amount of loan disbursed to the employee is Rs 20,000 or less. Contents Highlights