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Official Letters

There are following three forms of official letters

  1. Employee request letter / representations - addressed to the competent authority of the office for seeking permissions or sanctions etc. (Such letters are not to be written by employee on office letter heads)
  2. Inter office correspondence - by Local Office to Head Office or Head Office to Local Office
  3. Letter to customer / outside agency
Employee request letter / representations

The General Manager ( Official Designation),
Department Name,
Office Name,

Dear Sir,

Regarding :- Encashment of Earned Leave

Please encash my (allow me encashment of ) (sanction encashment) (permit me encashment) of 15 days earned leave as per my eligibility and office rules

A copy of last month's pay slip is enclosed with this letter

Yours faithfully,

Your name
Employee No.
Posted at 0r Department

Reg:- Sanction of Leave

This is to submit that due to illness (urgent work at home) (to attend parents meet at my kid's school) (to attend family function) I shall not be able to come office for ... days. I hereby request you to sanction(allow) casual leave/ Earned Leave of .... days and oblige.

Reg:- Transfer Request

I have been posted at B/O Ranchi since July 2010. I have to submit that my 70 years old aged mother resides at New Delhi and she is suffering from Cancer. Now-a-days she is facing several problems and my father at the age of 75 years finds difficulty in looking after her health. It is also my prime duty to look after my aged mother in this situation. Therefore, I request you to kindly transfer me at New Delhi office at the earliest to enable me to look after my aged parents. I humbly request that my transfer request be favourably considered on medical grounds.

The medical reports of my mother is enclosed herewith

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