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This section provides various tools for bankers and pesnioners viz. Calculators for computation of Dearness Allowance (DA) payable as well as expected, Commutation, Pension, Gratuity, Perquisite value etc. with features of wage settlement / salary revision of bank officer / workmen employees and other useful utilties for bankers / pensioners like list of bank holidays, NPS Features, Cash Tally Checker etc.

Calculators - For Bankers & Pensioners

Banker DA Pensioner DA
My DA with DA Increase / Decrease My Pension with DA Payable / DA Increase
Expected DA - BankersExpected DA - Pensioner
Calculate - 12 months salary of FY 17-18, Inomce Tax, HRA Exemption and Perquisite Value of Leased Accommodation Basic Pension / Pension Payable / Commutation Amount
PSU bank employees / officers can calculate and generate complete DA details payable w.e.f. Nov'12 to till the current month. You can also calculate and view your complete DA payable details from Nov'07 to Oct'12. Calculate & View Its Features Retiree on or after 01.11.2007 - Calculate / Check complete DA till NOW. Auto displays total of Pension payable in FY 2017-18 and calculates Income Tax on Pension in FY 2017-18.
NPS Calculator For Bank / PSU / Govt. (Central / State) Employees to calculate Retirement Wealth, corpus, Annuity, Pension and NPS Return including your contribution in TIER II, if any, as per NPS rules. Deposit Maturity Value Calculator - view as many as you like the number of Maturity Values of Incremental Interest Rates or Period or Both with Income Tax on Interest amount on the basis of Taxable Income Range selected.
For Pensioners - A Free UtilityMonth Wise Repayment Details of Your Loan A/C
Salary Calculator - Officer Gr I to VII Salary Calculator - Workmen Employees
Basic Pension AmountFixed / Time Deposits Maturity Value Calculator
HRA Chargeable for Income Tax Perquisite Value - Motor Car/Any Other Vehicle
Perquisite Value - Concessional / Interest Free Loans Gratuity Under Gratuity Act, 1972 and as per Bipartite Settlement 10 BPS / OSR
Pre-Revised Pay Vs. Revised Pay w.e.f. 01.11.2012 Arrear Calculation - Workmen
Perquisite Value - Leased AccommodationArrear Calculation - Officer
Benefits of Additional Loan EMI Cash Tally Checker
Loan EMI & Amortization Currency converter
Time Deposit (TD) Recurring Deposit (RD)
4 in 1 Calculator = Calculate - Deposit Maturity Value + Rate of Return After-Tax + Year-wise Balance + Year-wise Interest Bank Salary Calculator 4all Cadre
NPS - Employee/Employer Contribution- Income Tax Implication & Tax Calculation Calculate & Know your Revised With Pre-Revised Salary
Pension Commutation Calculator

Other Utilites

Wage Settlement Features & Other Related Utilites


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